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The B-movie Fan Club

The B-Movie Fan Club. The BMFC was set up by Robin, as a 16-year-old autistic boy. He has now been programming the monthly B-Movie season at the Electric Palace Cinema in Hastings for over six years.


The wonderful world of cheap films, bad acting and wobbly sets and some of the oddest assortment of movie monsters ever to grace our screens.​


The original idea behind the night was both to celebrate the B Movie genre and also to create an event which allows Robin a way of accessing an independent social life. The night has been a huge sucess whilst Robin's film interests have grown, he still continues to programme and attend every event and to date shows no signs of running out of bad films, poorly made, but with a huge heart. Tickets can be pre booked online or purchased on the night and Robin welcomes ideas for future films or to meet other B-movie fans.

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