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Artist statement 

My name is Robin Elliott Knowles and I am an artist. I am passionate about history, LGBTQ+ people, feminism, myth and legend.  I put all these themes into my work. 


Robin Elliott-Knowles is an associate artist of the Project Artworks Collective and a member of the Neurocultures Collective.  He graduated in summer 2021with a 2:1 in Fine Art Degree from Sussex College. His art practice largely involves painting, drawing, and creating graphic-novel like illustrations, all considering key themes of intersectionality, colonialism and transgenderism. Robin is also the curator of the B-Movie Fan Club, a monthly screening at Hastings Electric Palace cinema running for more than 10 years, sharing cult horror/Sci-Fi films with a dedicated audience.

'I am also autistic, something which informs my view on the world around me.'

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